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Dr. Hammouda Salhi has over 15 years of professional experience as a translator, interpreter and language consultant in the areas of law, business, diplomacy, administration,  cross-cultural matters, and communication. He has worked extensively with numerous local and international organizations and governmental institutions to provide translation, interpreting and consultancy services. These bodies include UNDP, UNESCO, FAO, ABA, Sandia Laboratories, OIC, World Bank, OSCE, INTERPOL, ILO, Qatar Foundation, WIPO, USAID, UNI :global union, ITU, UGTT, ASBU, ALECSO, AIHR, the German Embassy in Tunis, Partito Radicale Nonviolento, ICMPD, IHF, African Development Bank, Project Syndicate, FAO, WWF, ENPI CBC MED, Al Kawakibi Democracy Transition Center, FGAT, FIDH, EMHRN, TAV Airports Holding, ITUC, ISESCO, Arab-Japanese Economic Forum, Aman Union, AAEA, VTLS, The French Development Agency (AFD), UNIDO, Doha International Institute for Family Studies and Development, The National Heritage Institute (INP), the Arab Federation of Engineers (FAI), ASCAME, CCI, UTICA Tunisie, IPEMED, etc.

Prior to that, he had worked, as a staff member, for the Centre des langues Vivantes, Tunis-Tunisia, the Pan African Postal Union, Arusha-Tanzania, Besix S.A. Belgian Company and the Tunisian Parliament.  

During the interpreting assignments he has taken over the years,  Mr. Salhi has briefed hundreds of delegates and visitors on a variety of topics including the history, geography and economy of Tunisia, the 2011 Tunisia revolution, the political scene in Tunisia , the Arabic language, the Arab world, women issues.

His research interests are at the intersection between lexical semantics, corpus translation studies and translation pedagogy. He has written several articles published in countries like Canada, Poland and UK. He has also taken part in a number of conferences and seminars on translation and linguistics in many countries such as Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Thailand, Tunisia and UK. The subject areas covered in his papers and presentations include (1) a Global Collaborative Approach for trainee translators, (2) Translation in English Language Learning in Italy and Tunisia, (3) Small Parallel Corpora in an English-Arabic Translation classroom, (4) Translating Ambiguous Lexical Items Using a Parallel Corpus, (5) Training in Tunisia Today: Market Challenges and Available Opportunities, (6) Equivalence, Untranslatability and the Universality of the UN Organization, (7)  Translation, Travelling, and Culture, (8) Impacts of business investments on translation pedagogy, (9) The interdisciplinary competence as an asset and a challenge, (10) Translating culture-bound words in legal texts.

Dr Salhi  is also a conference interpreter in fields which fall within the diplomatic, economic, social and legal domains. He has constructed the English-Arabic Parallel Corpus Of United Nations Texts (EAPCOUNT), which is one of the biggest available parallel corpora involving he Arabic language (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_EAPCOUNT).


As part of his research in translation and communication, he provides in-depth analyses on social and political events and trends in countries of the Middle East and North Africa. For instance, he has recently written a number of articles on  Tunisia revolution (e.g. “The End of a 23-Year Regime” (http://www.americanthinker.com/2011/01/tunisia_the_end_of_a_23year_re.html) and on other issues such as the Anti-Islam film: “Freedom Vs. Provocation: The New Masters of Communication” http://translationinfo.webs.com/newarticles.htm)

Dr. Salhi has a BA in Translation, an MA in Linguistics and a PhD in Translation Studies. He also received specialized training in cultural translation and corpora. Dr. Salhi can be reached at hammouda_s@hotmail.com